Metal Clay Beads

Metal Clay Beads

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L'art de faire des billes et pièces vide avec les argiles de métaux est très bien expliqué dans ce merveilleux livre.

140 pages

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When you combine two bestselling topics like metal clay and beading, and then add one of the most talented and respected artists in the business, you’ve got a winning combination. In this unique, comprehensive reference, Barbara Becker Simon treats readers to 22 outstanding metal clay bead projects. An introductory section guides them through all the fundamentals, from forming and joining the clay to firing and finishing. Learn how to add gemstones, glass, and other objects; use molded and carved texture plates; etch photos into a surface; develop rich patinas; and more. From the Porcupine Pearl Bead to a Polygon Box Bead, the projects are both timely and sophisticated.

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