The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Jewelry-Making Techniques

The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Jewelry-Making Techniques

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Que de merveilleuses techniques expliquées pour réaliser de magnifiques bijoux contemporains.

160 pages

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Find creative direction, inspiration and the countless possibilities for designing contemporary jewelry. The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Jewelry-Making Techniques is a comprehensive guide for jewelers who want to create sensational, one-of -a-kind jewelry. All of the techniques are enhanced with step-by-step instructions and clear photographs Essential metalsmithing techniques are covered along with methods for working with a wide range of other materials which can be used on their own or in combination Included are techniques and processes for working with plastics, rubber, resin, ceramics, glass, leather, textiles, paper, natural and found objects, mixed media, and precious and non-precious metals Along with a helpful guide to the essential tools you will need, you???ll find that each chapter includes a thorough introduction to the properties and possibilities of each material and an examination of the techniques possible with that material Finally, there is an invaluable resource of surface textures that can be achieved for all of the media featured in the book as well as a practical guide to the different kinds of clasps and closures available.

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